Housing Problems, Property Ownership & Inheritance Taxes

One of the biggest issues in the UK is the problem of affordable housing. For those wishing to buy, prices remain intimidatingly expensive. Renting doesn’t have or require the security, but is often more expensive than purchasing. The benefits debate gets stacks of people angry at headline values of £20k and more, when the biggest payment a recipient might receive is for housing, which goes directly to the landlord. But if the housing stock is overpriced, it makes sense that rental values are overpriced. This is of benefit to the current rentier class, and a significant burden on the poor. A system where, continually only 7% of the population control 50% of the value of the property assets is not one that makes sense for an economy where we’re all in it together .

And given that we all need a home, I wanted to set out some thoughts on the problem, and the solutions.

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Where is at all going? or What is this bloke gonna write about?

My USP, my thing, is I’m a generalist. That’s good, or bad, depending utterly on your POV.

Always have been, funnily enough.

So, if you’re looking for in depth analysis on anything, you’ll need to do more reading, but please don’t stop now. I’d hope that reading further might make you see something you’ve never thought about, or a different angle, or a way of doing things that a technical specialist wouldn’t achieve.

So, where is it all going?

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On the Europe debate

I don’t know about you, but in the Europe debate i’ve switched sides several times over the years.


I think it’s because I’m a practical person – I’m not too fussed WHO leads us. I don’t care if it’s England, Britain, Europe or the Govt of the Milky Way. Further, I don’t care which party they belong to, what colour tie they have, or which schools they went to.

I just want to be governed by smart folk, who do their best for the other folk (the governed). They need to constantly search for the best ideas, monitor evidence, and act on the results. It’s not that difficult.

And within, or without Europe, we are nowhere near that.

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Ok – so lets begin

Here goes – over the last 18 months I’ve begun to re-awaken my brain.

And… it’s got to the point where I need to document what I’ve found.

Partly for me – maybe for you, and someone else too.

Not sure how much time I can devote to this, or how much of value it’ll be.

But it’s here now.

Hi, btw.