On the Europe debate

I don’t know about you, but in the Europe debate i’ve switched sides several times over the years.


I think it’s because I’m a practical person – I’m not too fussed WHO leads us. I don’t care if it’s England, Britain, Europe or the Govt of the Milky Way. Further, I don’t care which party they belong to, what colour tie they have, or which schools they went to.

I just want to be governed by smart folk, who do their best for the other folk (the governed). They need to constantly search for the best ideas, monitor evidence, and act on the results. It’s not that difficult.

And within, or without Europe, we are nowhere near that.

Our Governors lead to maximise their own wealth, and those of their social sect; their policies are bought and paid for, by half-arsed business “leaders” whose only way to improve their business is bribery, deception & distortion. This applies in Europe, the UK and most of the world.

I wouldn’t care if an individual was brought into cabinet to add expertise, even if they were unelected. But when they are party donors, and their aim is to siphen off public monies for their business – that’s a real problem.

A UK led by the incompetent & corrupt, with no Europe is pretty terrifying.

But Europe is also led by the incompetent & corrupt. – And bloody expensive too.

So, I don’t really know. I’ll go with the side that get’s it’s priorities right first.

nb – it’s the people. All of the mucky little buggers.


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