Where is at all going? or What is this bloke gonna write about?

My USP, my thing, is I’m a generalist. That’s good, or bad, depending utterly on your POV.

Always have been, funnily enough.

So, if you’re looking for in depth analysis on anything, you’ll need to do more reading, but please don’t stop now. I’d hope that reading further might make you see something you’ve never thought about, or a different angle, or a way of doing things that a technical specialist wouldn’t achieve.

So, where is it all going?

I can see a lot of blogs on politics & economics. Cos they’re important. And they’re being done very badly.

And then… I’m building up to a whole section on Education. Cos I’m a Dad. And [cough] a School Governor. That’ll be fun. Why? Cos it’s important. And being done very badly [at Govt lvl]

Oh, and probably, occasionally, about business & capitalism, cos that’s my day job.

And then maybe, about media, and social media. [Cos it’s important, and being done very badly].

And then possibly, privilege, class, religion, and any other thing worth having an opinion on.

All comments are appreciated. I’m not trying to please everyone (or anyone really), but i don’t want to strain yr sensibilities.

And if anyone who reads this thinks i’m doing the WordPress thing badly, please let me know.

Disclaimer: I may not have bothered spellchecking anything. And my grammar is what it is. xD


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