Jumping Through Hoops – Corporate Efficiency

Remember this and every other government talking about cutting red-tape to business? We need to get business moving, remove the petty barriers. Agreed.

That’s my day job – doing stuff, getting things moving. I’m pretty lucky to finally be working for a company that tries to be good at that.

But the red-tape and barriers to doing business don’t just come from meddling councillors and stupid govt initiatives (plenty do), but more and more they come from momumentally stoopid large corporates, who while saying they want to be business partners, act like the worst kind of narky-parky from comics of yore.

Examples – we need a telephone line setting up for new premises, the order is done, the engineer goes to site, but the paperwork shows a wrong postcode. He can still do the job, he’s taken an hour to drive there, but checks with head office, who say he can’t do the job, he just needs to sit on his hands for a couple of hours. We get a call to tell us it has to be re-scheduled, but will take 4 weeks. Grraaahhh!!! The premises needs to be operational before that, but what can they do?!?!

Or the Utilities company who insist on copies of their own f**king bills to accept your application to go somewhere else for the electricity.

Or the IT company who provide a terrible service which is failing the terms of their contract, but choose to not improve on the basis that the legal costs of demonstrating it, and the time consumed, will put you off going legal.

Or the Water company who want to charge you £3000 a year for providing water to 2 flushing loos and a couple of sinks, 9-5.

And these are the big corporates stoking up the fees to retail customers, with the massive pay awards to Chief Execs, funding our politicians to support their every idea and pet project.

Don’t believe everything you hear from “business leaders”, cos’ half of those businesses are just as useless and intransigent as any local council officer.


Ahem. Thanks. [goes back to sorting things out].


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